Yearly horoscope for Sagittarius 2022

Yearly horoscope for Sagittarius 2022

This year, Sagittarius, you can expect to face challenges around responsibility, work and organization versus your desire to lose yourself in life’s deeper meanings. However, 2022 begins on a promising enough note, with an Aquarius Super New Moon in your money zone on January 2nd. Watch out for Mercury retrograde in this same area of your natal birth chart in late January, however, as you won’t be thinking clearly over money issues.

February 17th sees a Jupiter-Uranus sextile that empowers your sense of personal development and organization. You actually need more stability in life than you think you do, Sagittarius, and this aspect will help to anchor you. This is reinforced by the Pisces New Moon in your roots zone on March 2nd.

On March 18th, the Full Moon shines from your career zone and is the first hint that your career responsibilities are troubling you. When Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in your roots and family zone on April 12th, you have the chance to understand why stability is now so important to you. Two days later, Mars changes signs to highlight this area of your chart too, driving you to seek security.

However, the Solar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone on April 30th may bring feelings of being trapped. The Jupiter-Pluto sextile on May 3rd will help you to fight your urge to flee, but when your ruler Jupiter changes signs on May 10th, your inner risk-taker will come to the fore. On this same date, Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone, so you may struggle to communicate how you feel to your partner. The Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone on May 16th invites you to abandon the security you have built – but at what cost?

Look to the Super Full Moon in your own sign, Sagittarius, on June 14th for a return of confidence and a brighter mood. On July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde in your risk zone, which will help you to feel calmer and more settled for a while – at least until a Pisces Full Moon in your roots zone on September 10th.

On October 5th, a tricky Mercury-Neptune opposition, which highlights your conflict between inner security and your need to succeed, is riled up by Mars in your love zone, hinting at family unease over your work-life balance.

When the Solar Eclipse hits your spiritual zone on October 25th, look for answers in your dreams or in synchronicity around you. Its partner Lunar Eclipse on November 8th is in your everyday work zone and could speak to a work-related crisis that clarifies your ambiguous feelings once and for all.

It’s a calmer end to the year, with the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd marking an optimistic fresh start. On December 20th, Jupiter changes sign back into Aries, your risk zone, but by now you will have worked out how to manage your restlessness while still fulfilling your responsibilities.

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With so much of this year’s energy focused on work-related restlessness, your love life is relatively calm and uneventful. There is a strong family focus in the first half of the year. The New Moon in this area of your natal birth chart on March 2nd is promising for a house move, a new addition to the family or a new attitude at home.

The magical Jupiter-Neptune astrological conjunction on April 12th is in your family zone too, Sagittarius, highlighting empathy, kindness, compassion and selfless love in what could be a very memorable family period for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re single, the New Moon in your dating zone on April 1st could be a fun experience, if rather short-lived. A more ongoing dating vibe is created on May 2nd when Venus changes signs to illuminate your dating activities, and even more so on May 10th when a major sign change by Jupiter brings much joy, fun and excitement to this part of your life. If you’re in an established relationship already, this influence can be very uplifting too – although watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your love zone on the same day.

On May 24th, Mars gets in on the dating picture, increasing your passion and personal magnetism. A few days later, the New Moon in your love zone points towards happy memories or a significant new connection. The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th is also a very positive factor for your love life, and a week later Venus shifts into your love zone too, cementing what is likely to be a very positive few months for romance.

The rest of the Northern Hemisphere summer months are calm and quiet in love, although when Mercury turns retrograde in your social zone on September 9th, you may briefly quarrel over social activities or friendships.

October is a more difficult month, Sagittarius. The tense Mercury-Neptune opposition on October 5th is in conflict with an angry Mars in your love zone, so arguments over your work-life balance are highly likely around this time. On October 30th, Mars turns retrograde in the love area of your natal birth chart, and will remain that way until the end of the year – this can indicate a somewhat passive-aggressive period in your love life, but on the plus side it does also mark the end of any outward hostility in your partnership.

When Venus changes signs into Sagittarius on November 16th, your charm will be off the scale, and this is a good time to repair any damage done by earlier arguments. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd is also another opportunity for a truce, although the emotional Full Moon in your love zone on December 7th does show that there is still work to be done on that front.

Happily, your ruler Jupiter returns to your joy zone on December 20th, Sagittarius, so you can look forward to a very pleasant festive season and a positive end to the year.


2022 starts on a promising financial note, courtesy of the Aquarius Super New Moon in your money zone on January 2nd. Mars changes signs on the 24th to zero in on this area of your natal birth chart as well and, despite Mercury retrograde in this area for a while, you are highly motivated and seemingly doing well. Indeed, the combined efforts of Venus, Mars and Pluto in your money zone in early March point towards increased income and high expectations.

On March 18th, however, a Full Moon in your career zone may propel you into the spotlight in a very uncomfortable way, Sagittarius. You may find yourself answering for things that are not your fault. The New Moon in your risk zone on April 1st kick starts your restlessness, as you seek escape.

The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th occurs in your roots zone, inspiring you to appreciate the stability you have created for yourself. However, the Solar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone on April 30th brings upheaval at work again, and you may start to feel trapped.

When Jupiter, your ruler, changes sign on May 10th, your restlessness will increase hugely and your urge to take chances will gather pace. When the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th hits your spiritual zone, you will want to seek a higher purpose, even if that means abandoning your work progress thus far. Mercury will be retrograde in your everyday work zone in late May, so you may struggle to explain how you feel or to stay motivated at work.

The Sagittarius Super Full Moon on June 14th could mark a turning point for sure. This is a confident and decisive influence. With Mars shifting into your responsibilities zone on July 5th you may find yourself increasingly impatient with colleagues and increasingly reckless about meeting other people’s expectations of you. The New Moon in your status zone on August 27th underlines your new way of thinking about your role.

On October 5th, your work-life balance comes under serious strain as a Mercury-Neptune opposition is tested by an angry Mars from your love zone. A few weeks later, the Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone and its partner Lunar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone are another reminder of why you have been wanting to opt out.

Look to the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd for a fresh start. Venus arrives in your money zone on December 9th, hinting at festive over-spending, but on December 20th, Jupiter creates positive, joyful waves in Aries that confirm you’re on the right path. A New Moon in your money zone on December 23rd shows how you can be prosperous even after having adjusted your career path. With Mercury turning retrograde in this area of your natal birth chart on December 29th, however, you will need to start 2023 with some financial prudence in mind.