Yearly horoscope for Pisces 2022

Yearly horoscope for Pisces 2022

Are you ready for a year of abundance, Pisces? This is set to be a joyful twelve months in astrology, with plenty of opportunities for growth and wisdom. Initially, the emphasis is on having fun and developing your social life. The Full Moon on January 17th is in your joy zone, and Mars shifts into Capricorn on January 24th - so focus your attention more fully on friendships as early 2022 looks lively and engaging.

In March, the focus shifts more inwards, starting with a Pisces New Moon on March 2nd and the arrival of Mars in Aquarius, the most spiritual and private zone of your natal birth chart. Although there is a romantic Full Moon in your love zone on March 18th, your attention will be on self-development and spirituality during this period. The rare and magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your own zodiac sign on April 12th is an especially insightful moment.

From April 14th you will feel more sociable again, particularly as Mars changes signs into Pisces. The Solar Eclipse on April 30th puts an emphasis on community connections, networking and your everyday connections with those you know. A few days later, Jupiter sextiles Pluto in a very constructive influence that brings out your community spirit and your humanitarian instincts.

Generous, bountiful Jupiter is firmly on your side this year, and never more so than when changing signs into Aries, your abundance zone, on May 10th. This brings you financial opportunities for sure, but also an abundance of whatever else you want or need in life, from health to friendship and love, all fully aligned with your most deeply held values. Look to the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th, which occurs in your travel zone, to see how you might share this abundance with the rest of the world.

July is a fun month for dating, if you’re single, as Venus moves into your dating zone on the 17th, although family matters may become tenser once argumentative Mars starts to dominate this area of your natal birth chart on August 20th. Fortunately, a sweet Libra New Moon in your love zone on August 27th smooths over any arguments, and by the time the Full Moon shines from Pisces on September 10th, happiness is restored.

It’s all change in late October, however. The Solar Eclipse on October 25th impacts your travel zone, perhaps curtailing your freedom in some way. Meanwhile, a few days later, Jupiter, now retrograde, moves backward into Pisces and finds you questioning whether you deserve your own good fortune. Mars turns retrograde in your stability zone on October 30th, further undermining you psychologically, and the Lunar Eclipse in your intelligence zone on November 8th ramps up the second-guessing and negative self-talk to epic levels.

This will be a stressful and awkward period, but an end is in sight. On November 23rd, Jupiter turns direct in Pisces and blesses you with an uplifted mood and great spiritual insight. You’ll feel calm and serene for several weeks, ahead of Jupiter’s re-entry into your abundance zone on December 20th.


Early 2022 has fun and friendship as a focus theme, rather than romance per se. If you’re in an established relationship, January and February are great for socializing together with friends and for simply having a good time. If you’re single, passionate Mars arrives in your social zone on January 24th, which could hint at a relationship developing out of what was previously “just” a friendship.

Your social appetite will settle down in March, however, particularly following the 6th when both Mars and Venus change signs to focus on privacy, spirituality and serenity rather than socializing. Spend time alone or just with your lover – if you’re happily partnered, March 18th is a beautifully romantic Full Moon.

On April 12th, a rare conjunction between philosophical Jupiter and Neptune, your mystical ruling planet, finds you feeling ethereal, magical and slightly spaced out; you’ll love this influence, but it does make it hard for you to keep your feet on the ground. Fortunately, Mars arrives in Pisces a couple of days later to ground and reenergize you.

On May 10th, Jupiter makes a major sign change and starts to travel through the values zone of your natal birth chart. On the same day, Mercury turns retrograde in your family zone, so this is a time to focus on family and to ensure that all of you share the same values and priorities moving ahead. The New Moon in your family zone on May 30th will certainly help with this.

The Northern Hemisphere summer months are peaceful for your love life, with some truly magical moments – for example, the Libra New Moon in your love zone on August 27th and the arrival of Venus in your love zone on September 5th. The emotional and loving Pisces Full Moon on September 10th feels like a moment of celebration.

October has a trickier feel, however. On October 5th, a confusing and illusion-packed opposition between Mercury and your ruler Neptune crosses the romance areas of your natal birth chart and is further agitated by an impatient Mars in your family zone, so expect some misunderstandings or crossed wires.

On October 30th, Mars turns retrograde in the family zone of your natal birth chart and will remain so beyond the year's end, so astrology suggests that the Northern Hemisphere’s late fall months are not ideal for family restructuring, home moves or other important domestic matters.

The festive season does seem to be more promising though, with a sentimental Full Moon in your family zone on December 7th, and the arrival of Venus in Capricorn, your friendship zone, on December 9th. A happy December culminates in Jupiter changing signs once more, moving back into your values and abundance zone, bringing joy in its wake.


With generous Jupiter spending much of the year in the abundance zone of your natal birth chart, prosperity of all kinds is very likely this year. The first quarter of 2022 is relatively stable and quiet for money and business matters, however. Mars transits Aquarius, your privacy zone, from March 6th, indicating much busy work behind the scenes, but little turbulence on the surface.

That will start to change from April 1st when the New Moon in your money zone strikes new optimism about your situation. The intensely spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your own sign on April 12th is inspirational, reminding you that abundance comes in many forms, and preventing you from becoming too materialistic.

Prosperity matters really start to pick up from May 10th, however, when Jupiter changes zodiac signs and arrives in your abundance zone and really starts to work on your behalf. Two weeks later on May 24th, Mars also enters this area of your natal birth chart, driving you forward and increasing your motivation to do well, financially.

Look to June 14th and the Sagittarius Super Full Moon in your career zone for some surprising news at work. At first glance, this may not seem to be in your favor, but what may be an ending could free you up to pursue more lucrative pursuits. Indeed, on July 28th Jupiter turns retrograde in your abundance zone, signaling a change of pace, at the same time that a New Moon shines from your routines zone, hinting that your circumstances at work are changing.

Astrology suggests it may be best to avoid major financial decisions in September, especially once Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th, crossing the investment area of your natal birth chart. Matters are not clear and you should seek expert advice where large sums of money are at stake. A potentially tricky Full Moon in your money zone on October 9th hints at buyer’s remorse or regret over financial decisions if care is not taken.

October 28th sees Jupiter, still retrograde, re-entering your own sign. For several weeks, your focus should be on gratitude and internal spiritual work rather than seeking to make money as such; this will lay a pathway towards Jupiter turning direct on November 23rd, on the same day as a Sagittarius New Moon in your career zone – at which point, you can start to make progress once more.

On December 20th, Jupiter will once again change zodiac signs and arrive back in your abundance zone, so you can be sure of seeing 2022 out in style. Gratitude work over the previous month is likely to have opened up all manner of opportunities for you as the year draws to a close, and this theme will continue into 2023 too, with everything to play for.