Yearly horoscope for Aquarius 2022

Yearly horoscope for Aquarius 2022

2022 starts quietly, Aquarius, with a Capricorn Super New Moon in your privacy zone on January 2nd and Mercury turning retrograde in your sign of Aquarius on January 14th – astrology suggests you will want to keep yourself to yourself for a couple of weeks, especially around January 24th when a sign change for Mars also emphasizes seclusion.

The Aquarius New Moon on February 1st finds you ready to engage with life again, and February is a good month for home and family matters. The Jupiter-Uranus sextile on February 17th is innovative and refreshing, bringing new ideas and routines.

On March 6th, Venus and Mars both arrive in Aquarius, lifting your spirits further and energizing you towards your goals. You can expect financial good fortune courtesy of bountiful Jupiter, although the magical, mystical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th may bring illusions and confusion over money.

The Solar Eclipse in your family zone on April 30th hints at dissatisfaction with your work-life balance, but a sign change on May 10th may hold answers: Jupiter will begin to transit Aries, the intelligence and learning zone of your natal chart, opening up new educational opportunities that might help you work more efficiently. The Lunar Eclipse in your career zone on May 16th will show you the way ahead.

On June 4th, Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius; between then and late October, astrology suggests that most of the obstacles you face in life will be self-imposed or even imagined, so it’s important to understand when you may be making excuses.

The New Moon in your love zone on July 28th points to a fresh start at home, and August looks set to be sweetly romantic too, with August 11th bringing an Aquarius Full Moon at the same time as Venus changes signs to focus on love.

October, however, is a more difficult time, Aquarius. The Solar Eclipse in the career zone of your chart on October 25th leaves you wondering what your place really is and whether or not you are on the right path. A few days later, Jupiter, then retrograde, backs into Aries, your money zone, and your financial abundance will face some restrictions too.

The Lunar Eclipse in your stability zone on November 8th could be a make or break point for you, with some decisions to be made about what matters most to you in life. The following day, a tense Sun opposes Uranus, your modern-day ruling planet, and is agitated further by Saturn, your historical ruler. Identity and how much it is tied up with your work will be a key issue.

Take time to resolve this slowly and don’t rush into anything. Jupiter will eventually turn direct once more in late November, and on December 20th this bountiful planet will once again move into your learning zone – your direction is a work in progress, so have patience as the year ends.


There’s a lot of focus on family life this year in astrology, Aquarius. The romantic Full Moon on February 16th is followed the next day by an inspirational Jupiter-Uranus sextile which crosses the family and values sector of your natal birth chart, so this is a good indicator of you becoming closer as a family unit, whatever your circumstances.

On March 6th, Venus and Mars both change signs to arrive in Aquarius, increasing your passion levels and suggesting a fascinating month for your love life, especially with a Full Moon in your passion zone on March 18th.

April 30th, however, sees a potent Solar Eclipse hit the family zone of your natal birth chart. This is difficult energy and is particularly connected to your status in the wider world – most likely your career – versus your devotion to your family and the amount of time you have to spend at home. Its partner Lunar Eclipse in your career zone on May 16th is a tense moment that could see a lot of argument and discord.

If you’re single and dating, be aware that Mercury turns retrograde in your dating zone on May 10th, so misunderstandings abound all too easily. However, the New Moon in this area of your chart, just a couple of days before Mercury’s retrograde ends, brings more promising news on May 30th. June is also a good month for new relationships, especially when Venus changes signs into your dating zone on June 22nd.

The summer months in the Northern Hemisphere are overall romantic and reasonably peaceful for you this year; a sweet New Moon in your love zone on July 28th is a memorable moment, while August 11th sees Venus move into your romance zone at the same time as an Aquarius Full Moon, so this may be an important date too.

Tensions increase as you head through October, however. The Solar Eclipse in the career zone of your natal birth chart on October 25th is particularly volatile and is not helped by a retrograde Jupiter moving backward into your values zone a couple of days later. Arguments over values, priorities and fairness in your relationship and family life are likely to multiply during this period.

Mars turns retrograde in your joy zone on October 30th, dimming passion and making it harder to find the magic within your relationship. Couple this with the Lunar Eclipse in your family zone on November 8th, and it looks like a difficult few weeks for sure.

Hang on in there, because a Full Moon in your joy zone on December 7th does show you a way to re-find the spark, re-kindle the magic, and heal any recent problems you have faced.


This year’s Eclipse cycle places a focus on your work-life balance, Aquarius, but other planetary activity suggests the way to resolve this is through further training or education, so bear that in mind.

If you are unhappy in your current work, an emotional Full Moon on January 17th could be a crunch moment. Jupiter’s helpful sextile to Uranus on February 17th helps you work out what you can and cannot afford to do, however, and a Pisces New Moon in the money zone of your natal birth chart on March 2nd is helpful too.

It’s not until April 30th that push comes to shove, however, Aquarius. Then, a potent Solar Eclipse in your family zone triggers emotional demands and arguments, which could culminate in a dramatic decision when the Lunar Eclipse hits your career zone on May 16th. It’s instructive to note that Mercury turns retrograde in your risk zone on May 10th, so this is not your most adventurous period; you will feel quite risk-averse at this point. The same day, Jupiter sweeps into your learning zone, so invest in that training and see if it helps.

On May 24th, Mars changes signs to also focus on education and learning, so this will be the boost you need if you are finding a course difficult or boring. The New Moon in your everyday work zone on June 28th points to positive results already being felt.

Use the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months to consolidate your learning or training and to keep moving ahead.

Financially, things may turn rocky in October. A difficult Mercury-Neptune opposition, goaded by Mars, brings panic and confusion over money on October 5th – don’t act on impulse; ensure that you have expert advice. Then the Solar Eclipse hits the career zone of your natal birth chart on October 25th, just days before a retrograde Jupiter cycles backward into your money zone – you may find that decisions you have made over your career impact your income negatively, but hang on in there.

Mars turns retrograde in your risk zone on October 30th, and will stay so past the year's end, so this is not a time to panic or try to undo what is already done. Indeed, the Lunar Eclipse in your family zone on November 8th shows that your actions have had a positive impact on your family, regardless of your bank balance. Money is not the be-all and end-all.

Look to November 23rd for financial relief, when Jupiter turns direct and starts to move forward through your money zone again, trailing abundance in its wake. You can recoup much of your income over the following month, before Jupiter turns its attention back to your education on December 20th.