Revenge signs. Vindictive Zodiac Signs Who Get Revenge On Their Ex According To Astrology

Revenge signs. Vindictive Zodiac Signs Who Get Revenge On Their Ex According To Astrology

Which of the Zodiac signs are the most vindictive? Which most revenge signs zodiac? Our ranking.

1st place - Gemini

At first glance Gemini are nice and trusting people. But if they are deceived. No fights and scandals you will not wait for them. 

Revenge of the Twins will be in communication. They will find the worst secrets about you, and publish them.  And your reputation will suffer greatly. 

In 2nd place - Cancer and Pisces

Cancers and Pisces are very emotional and impulsive. And of course very touchy and sensitive. Therefore, they easily find enemies. If you have offended the Cancer - in the future, you will not even notice how and when you get revenge. At the right time, when you need support and assistance - they just walk past, not even blinking an eye. 

But Pisces retaliate much more insidiously. They will annoy you until you do not ask them to stop doing it. Or gossip about you. Or set you up to get hurt. Yes, and tell everyone how you hurt them.

3rd place - Virgo and Scorpio

These signs of the Zodiac will hold everything inside for a long time, hatching a plan of revenge and waiting for the right opportunity for realization. Their revenge will be subtle and targeted, they will find the weakness of the offender. Then they will hit and strike exactly there. And after that, they will erase you from their life once and for all. 

4th place - Taurus

Taurus retaliate immediately and ruthlessly. In addition, you will forever stop trusting. 

5th place - Sagittarians

Sagittarians do not react to offenses immediately, but rest assured - sooner or later they will definitely take revenge. And revenge will be long-lasting. Therefore, if you offended Sagittarius, then it is best to quietly disappear from his life and do not appear on the path. 

The 6th place - Aquarius

Aquarius is very creative.  Vengeance is always unconventional methods. So, if you do not want to flinch from every rustle - apologize immediately!

7th Place - Leo

Offending a Leo is easy - you just have to lower his self-esteem low enough. Once you do that, Leo will start using the most cunning methods of revenge to punish the offender as soon as possible, he will do everything in his power to make the offender feel like a total lowlife. 

8th place - Capricorns

By engaging in revenge, Capricorns will make your life unbearable. Don't expect any face-to-face clarifications. Capricorn will take revenge stealthily, little by little and for a very long time. So it is necessary to escape from Capricorn as early as possible, as long as possible, and as far as possible and hide in the crowd. 

9th place - Aries and Libra

Last on the list are Aries and Libra. Aries will never retaliate, simply because they will immediately, on the spot, look into the eyes of the offender and say everything they are thinking about. 

Libra, as the most balanced sign of the Zodiac, believes that each of us can have our own opinion on absolutely any issue. Therefore, any conflict situation will be reduced to a compromise, and accordingly resentment and revenge will be zeroed in every time. 


This is how representatives of the Zodiac signs show their feelings of revenge and resentment.